Scottish Terriers of Instagram

We know you just can't wait another day for #TooCuteTuesday so we'd introduce you to this week's #ScottishTerriersofInstagram. Aren't they adorable? If you'd like to share your Scotties' Instagram photos with us, upload your photos to Instagram using #ScottishTerriersofInstagram or tag @TheScottieMom. Oh, and be sure to follow us and this week's featured Scottie dogs! 

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  1. I love them. It would help if you said where in the world they were from (Scottie Mom was obvious, even if we didn't know her). For example, we can only speculate that Daryawojtyra is from Poland but also could be in Illinois and the peeps be Polish. The lake and scenery are great, but where is it?

  2. We have those stupid coats and we refuse to walk in them. We don't like getting wet, but the coats are even worse.

  3. OMG these Scotties are so adorable! I'm a big dog stars of IG fans/follower, so will def check them out! And, of course, started following you. :-)