It's all in the Family

This Thanksgiving, we traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina to visit family.
The weather was chilly so Scottie Mom made us don red and white striped scarves (we think this was just a photo op - not really a cold weather necessity).
Told you the scarf was just another reason for Scottie Mom to take more photos!
We said hello to cousin Snackle.
And kept a close eye on those evil C-A-T-S.
We even caught one of the C-A-T-S treating himself to a Thanksgiving dinner of his own creation...
And witnessed this evil C-A-T swat Scottie Dad in the face (no joke). 
That's when Scottie Mom had to take Mr. K outside to cool off. He simply would not tolerate an evil C-A-T treating his Scottie Dad in such a way...even if it was only meant to get his attention!

In traditional fashion, we headed to Charlotte, North Carolina to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with family there. Heather and Mr. K gave thanks for Scottie Dad, who has taken up daily walking duties now that Scottie Mom works so far away; for rescue groups who gave them (and so many other pups) a second chance at a better life; and for the double dose of specially-made turkey meals at breakfast and dinner times that day. Perhaps the most important thing they gave thanks for is, of course, family. The Scottie Mom family has grown beyond the traditional sense of the word (grandpawrents, cousins and even those evil C-A-T-S inhabiting relatives' homes) for it has extended to those far and wide who are united by their love of - or should we call it obsession with?! - Scotties. Special thanks to each and every one of you for sharing in our adventures! Much love, The Scottie Mom.


  1. I hate to think what would have happened if you encountered a squirrel.

  2. Good thing you were on your guard around those cats! Cats are sneaky.

    We think the scarves were a photo set up, too. But you do look cute.

  3. Wow I wish I could clebrate with you, that sounds intresting :o) and your dad has a Cat-too now on his face? Hope it heals up quickly and it isn't furever :o)
    Easy Rider