Rescue Spotlight: Alana

Meet Alana. This smiley, cuddle-loving and adventurous rescue Scottie is the epitome of Scottish Terrier resilience. Only five or six years old, Alana has had an incredibly rough life but that Scottie spark in her eyes won't be extinguished. Her previous owner turned her in to Paulding County Animal Control in Georgia where she waited in horrible conditions until Scottish Terrier Rescue of Tennessee stepped in to save the day. In many ways, Alana has put the past behind her. She's kicked some dirt on it and is spending her days like any good Scottie citizen: running security checks about the house, flopping on the couch, watching the windows and performing patrols of the neighborhood daily. 

Alana, who lives comfortably with my Heather Beather's own Foster Scottie Dad and his family (along with three other Scotties), is just waiting for her forever Scottie Mom or Dad to find her. She is eager to offer her Scottie Security and protection services to a loving family so that another spot can open up and her Foster Scottie Dad can save yet another Scottie life. Like Mr. K, Alana needs a home without C-A-T-S. She also prefers to eat alone without other dogs around as she fears they will steal her food. Currently, she rocks a Westie haircut but is just as gorgeous with a traditional Scottie grooming, too. Previously, Alana had some allergy or itchy skin issues which are now resolved and she has no problem letting you check our her furs whenever you want as she loves the attention! 

If you or anyone you know is interested in giving sweet Alana the loving home she deserves, visit the Scottish Terrier Rescue of Tennessee's website for more information on Alana and to fill out an application. You'll also find information on a few other pups needing homes, too.


  1. Perfect... thanks Scottie Mom!

  2. We hope she finds a good home. We know she's at least on her way.

    Scotties are rare and very expensive in Oz, so the upside is, there is rarely any need to rescue them.

  3. No other dogs? We already have 3 rescues who get along.

  4. Alana has been sitting in rescue for awhile. There are two cute boys there now also Logan and Duncan. We always look to see who needs homes. Was your Heather fostered by Just John and Others Blogger? Her face looks the same as one I remember.
    Sweet William The Scot

  5. She is a cutie - I hope she finds her forever home soon.

  6. Oh Alana, you're such a gorgeous girlie, I hope you find your forever home really soon!

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy :)