14 Things to Expect in 2014


14. Scottie Mom's getting a makeover! In early 2014, we'll be changing the look of ScottieMom.com and adding new features to the site but don't worry - the same great content will be still be available for free.

13. More travels. Heather and Mr. K had so much fun in the Big Apple this year, that we are bound to return to New York...at least twice in the new year. Where else will we go? Well, you'll just have to wait and see or tell us why we should road trip to your neck of the woods!

12. Double the trouble. In a fun way, that is. Heather and Mr. K certainly don't mean any harm (only good fun!) when they steal shoes, socks, undergarments and even the occasion bit of trash from the can if Scottie Mom or Dad leaves the door open. The longer this dynamic duo is together, the more they conspire and share bad habits!

11. A renewed focus on rescue. Every Scottie (and every other dog or cat!) deserves a loving home. Let's work together to help Scottie rescue organizations get their pups placed. Our goal is to feature one Scottie in need from rescue organizations around the world per month. If you know of a Scottie who needs a little help finding a forever home, email thescottiemom(at)gmail(dot)com.

10. Double digits. That's right: later this year, sweet Heather Beather will turn 10 years old! A celebration for this little girl who's now all grown up is in store, for sure!

9. #TooCuteTuesday is here to stay! For a few months now, Scottie Moms and Dads have had the opportunity to showcase their Scotties on the Scottie Mom Facebook page. Heather and Mr. K sure don't mind sharing the spotlight so be sure to send your photos in every week!

8. Various videos. You've seen Mr. K shake his Scottie stocking full of squeaky tennis balls until it was empty and the dynamic duo give you a tour of The Scottie House. This year, Heather and Mr. K are determined to create more videos to let their friends see them in action.

7. A multitude of Scottie Love. Does your heart belong to your Scottie(s)? Of course it does! This Valentine's Day, all Scottie Moms and Dads are encouraged to show some Scottie Love and submit your "gotchya" stories of how your Scottie came into your heart and your home. A lucky few will be profiled right here on the blog.

6. The unexpected. There is simply no way to predict the future, especially with Scotties around. One minute things might be tranquil, the next there could be zoomies up and down the hall, a squirrel to chase or an ArRRoO alarm to sound. You just never know.

5. More laughs. Rest assured, Mr. K may be middle-aged but he is nowhere near retirement from silly Scottie shenanigans. He promises a year full of surprises, mischief, trickery and more.

4. Another spooktacular Howl-o-ween Pawty! Last year, so many Scottie friends dressed in their best Howl-o-ween costumes and flaunted their cute Scottie selves. Why not do it again this year? This kind of fun is super sweet, but calorie-free!

3. The cutest photos. Ever! Ok, let's be honest: Scottie Moms think all photos of Scotties are adorable so this resolution might be a little subjective. What I can promise is lots and lots of Scottie photos, which means lots and lots of Scottie cuteness.

2. More Scottie must-haves. Every Scottie Mom loves a good Scottie find! We'll continue to hunt down those precious Scottie items in stores and share our finds on Facebook...we may even premiere a few we've been working on ourselves!

1. A Scottie Mom Wedding! Just before we ring in the year 2015, we'll be tying the knot in New York City. What will Heather and Mr. K's role be in the wedding, you ask? That's yet to be determined...but I see a pretty Scottie girl in white and a sleek Scottie boy tuxedo in the future!


  1. Happy New Year Scottie Mom! Here's wishing you, Scottie Dad and the kids a year full of fun, adventure and pure Scottie joy!

  2. OK, we will be waiting for to happen and share in the new year fun!

    The Mad Scots

  3. Happy New Year! I love your list for this year and can't wait to read about all of it!

  4. What a great New Year ahead guys! sounds like lots of fun..we saw a new scottie thing just before xmas..even though we don't have scotties living here (I do have a crush on scotties though) I have in my possession some delicious scottie dog shaped shortbreads...I feel bad eating them :) have a great 2014 hugs Fozziemum and gang xx

  5. I gotta get my gotcha story in soon. Are you getting married in the city or another part of the area?

  6. This is going to be a great year, whee can just tell! ^_^

    Happy Friday

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  7. Sounds like you have a fantastic year lined up... Looking forward to the laughs and to seeing what kind of trouble you two get into. :)

  8. We'll be posted by our computer to take in each adventure.
    Wishing you ALL a great New Year.
    Gus & Rosie and their humans Lacy & Mike

  9. Looks like it is shaping up to be a good year!