The Biggest Loser

It's official: everyone in the Scottie Mom household is now watching their weight. Scottie Mom and Dad are just doing the responsible thing and trying to eat right. No real diet or plan to it. So far, Scottie Mom's down six pounds and Scottie Dad...well, it's hard to keep up! He's definitely ahead in the game. Heather, who has lost a whopping three pounds since she was adopted two years ago, is being monitored to make sure she maintains her weight of 25 pounds. Mr. K, on the other hand, is the last to join the Scottie Mom biggest loser team and as of today, has been instructed by the V-E-T to lose a few pounds even though he weighs exactly the same as Miss Heather...25 pounds.

When he was adopted in 2010, Mr. K was a little underweight at 17.5 pounds. The shelter told me they thought he had been the runt of his litter. His first V-E-T at Pet Friends Veterinary Clinic (whom Mr. K actually loved to visit because he thought it was a personal massage appointment every time!) asked Scottie Mom to put a little meat on his bones. For a few years, he stayed steady at 23 pounds. Since his horrific health scare shortly after we moved into the condo, however, he has slowly packed on a couple extra pounds. Today, he weighed in at his heaviest at 25 pounds. So, where do we go from here?

Much to Mr. K's dismay, it starts - or rather, ends - with treats. (Sorry, Mr. K. Scottie Mom has had to cut out some favorite foods, too...) I've asked Scottie Dad to support me on this one since he is my treat-giving accomplice. It is so easy for the Scottie face to win us over and to see just how happy they are when they taste something scrumptious...especially those homemade doggie blueberry muffins we tried a few times. Heather and Mr. K go nuts for them! But, we must be strong and get Mr. K down to the weight the V-E-T says is healthiest for him: 23 pounds.

Next, per the V-E-T'S instruction, we are to cut his food down by 20 percent. Right now, Heather and Mr. K are fed twice a day. Each gets about a half cup of Blue Basics (which we chose to help with Mr. K's allergies) at both meals. The biggest change - and the one I'm most excited about but couldn't tell anyone until I knew for sure it was going to happen - is the reintroduction of long morning and afternoon walks into our schedule! Currently, that is not always possible giving our city locale. However, in just about a week from today, Heather and Mr. K will be closing on a townhome to call their own - complete with a very walkable neighborhood! More details to come.

And so - I'm sure our friends at Scottish Terrier Health Network will appreciate and support this - Mr. K would like to propose that his fellow Scots (and other four legged friends, of course) join him on this quest for optimal health and fight against pet obesity by dragging their Scottie Moms and Dads out for more walkies and playing extra long games of fetch. Send your pups' photos and success stories to thescottiemom(at)gmail(dot)com or just add them to our Facebook page as you watch those pounds drop!


  1. After my March battle with pacreatitis, I'm on a no-fat diet and am 22 pounds now. However, for treats I've always loved carrots and frozen organic green beans. The vet says that they're great for me. Get a little package of frozen (canned are yucccchy) green beans and I'll be over in a jiffy. I eat them frozen and they're especially great in the summer.

  2. Dana & MarleeMay 24, 2013 at 12:51 AM

    Marlee was the runt of his litter. He is still small. He weighs in at only 18 lbs. He's 4 years & 7 months old. He eats well. (No dog food - eggs for brekkie, boiled boneless/skinless chicken thighs, rice, & veggies for lunch & supper, & fruit or cheese for treats.) His V E T says he's just a small Scottie. Good luck Mr. K!!

  3. Well, congratulations to all of you so far! Keep up the good work!

    Big WOOFS from Solo and his new sister Krissy :-)

  4. Tessie weighs 34 pounds.....AHEM!..The Vet more. She ((IS)) a big Scottie...while her sister Scottie weighs 17 pounds. Tessie goes for Runs and plenty of walks..but she still tends to put on weight so we have to be careful.
    Ideally,she should 30 or 25 but that will never happen.
    Talloulah our little Westie stays between 20 and 21 pounds..and usually stays the same. Tessie smells food for miles. She loves all the fattening bad things she shouldn't be eating. I don't feel sorry for her..I want her to be healthy..not arthritic or sick in any way. Sometimes...actually a lot of times I catch Dad giving her cheese..and other bad snacks she....of all our dogs should NOT be eating...It's hard...but we have to be strong and think of having them healthy down the road.
    Mr K...Your Mom and Dad love you very much.....that's why they're doing this!
    It's so hard when you look in their eyes...It kills me.I guess much like people...Some can eat anything and stay the same weight and others can just look at it..and on the hips!! I know Tessie's ribs.....I can't feel them any more..NO GOOD!..but it is hard with 3..because she sneaks over to Bonnie's dish..or steals her cookies
    .I found wonderful meals..freeze dried cakes..that are STELLA & CHEWY'S...Have to check the preservatives no grains,antibiotic salt..all good stuff. They're on the expensive side..but my dogs really are turned off with kibble these days. They get boiled chicken and brown rice and carrots..except Tessie..she only get chicken...once in a while she'll meander over to her sister's dish and eat a few of her kibble..either Buffalo Blue. With Tessie it's QUANTITY..Once she starts she can eat 3 dishes in a Flash so I have to watch..and feed them all separately. I've been sticking with the venison except for Talloulah she doesn't like venison. Bonnie can eat and eat and eat..but she is extremely active..she gets Tessie playing a lot so hopefully Tess will lose some weight..but she gets up in the middle of the night and searches all over for left over cookies that hidden by her sisters..she's a trip! .Do I have a life?'s all about our Sweet Girls..and their diet and their fun and their everything...Can't help myself!!! I'm hopeless

  5. MR K...You're Still So Gorgeous..even if you gained a few..we LOVE YOU ALWAYS! Hey Guess what Mom and Daddy are Moving to North Carolina this year...We have to go to a Town House too..Not sure..we think we;ll miss our doggy door and stuff....:( As long as Mommy is with us we go where she goes...she'll make it FUN..we know she will. Will we get in trouble sometimes...YOU BET! Tee Hee

  6. 2 pounds should be a pretty easy fix- he is so good looking surprised he needs to lose. So happy you are getting your own place! Guess it is up in the area you talked about nearer your work- hope the move works out great- the pups will love not being in a high rise- more to see and bark at like my guys!!

  7. I was just wonder what flavor you feed MR K as my Sweet Pea is so sensitive and right now we have him on a Vegan diet but would love to try something else. We tried the Lamb & Rice and it worked for awhile but the itching came back.

  8. Good luck, Mr. K - I'm always close to the limit - diets are very hard stuff.

  9. Mr. K is in good shape... The Scottie we are rescuing (Wally, from Scottie Rescue Tennessee) weighs in at 38 pounds! We have lots of work to do....Maggie is only 17pounds!

  10. lndy Scottie Mom! I didn't knew you were the one taking Wally!! So exciting! I have several photos of him from our trip to Tennessee. I was going to write a post about him to help him find a home. He is a cutie! So happy to hear he has a loving home. Keep us posted on how he's doing. Much love, The Scottie Mom.